smart devicesShould New Iberia Schools Embrace the iPad?

As more school districts evaluate on how they make use of technology to help in student education, they understand that iPads for high school is an idea that has a lot of merit. Here is why our school districts need to consider including iPads in their student services budget.

  1. Minimize books and paper

High schools are responsible for providing textbooks to students. It can end up being quite expensive for a school to continuously supply students with textbooks year after year.

Teachers and students also won’t have to fret so much about paper. With an iPad, teachers will be able to offer their photocopiers a break and minimize purchasing reams of paper.

  1. Keeps teachers motivated and students engaged

The iPad provides teachers new and creative ways to engage students. Teachers can use the iPad’s mirroring abilities to display notes and other content in front of the students on a projector. The instructor can then archive those notes and easily send them to all the students.

There are also different ways of communication that permit for student/teacher interaction. Teachers can poll the class and get instant feedback thereby helping them understand which students comprehend the subject matter and which ones need additional clarification. This helps develop student’s interest and enthusiasm for learning.

  1. Extends learning outside the classroom

The iPad’s audio and video capabilities allow students to continue learning outside of the classroom. Students can engage educational content without the presence of an instructor. Great content from Khan Academy and MOOCs can be interwoven into the teacher’s own curriculum.

  1. Language development

High school is when many students start to learn a foreign language. While discovering a brand-new language is vital for being accepted in to college, it can be a tough task for many students. The multi-media capabilities of the iPad can really help with engagement and learning.

  1. Reference

With an iPad in hand, students have the ability to swiftly access any info they require. Students can easily search for terms and meanings in English and language arts courses. They can also look up solutions for math and science courses.

These are but a few of the reasons our local schools should be investigating the use of iPads and other education enablers in the classroom.